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Even though Elon Musk is extremely rich, he doesn’t pay for advertising because why pay when you don’t have to?

You see, if Elon were to advertise Tesla for money, he would become a PERPETUAL DONOR TO ADVERTISERS! Elon is not stupid—he doesn’t need expenses! Because, I repeat, “Expenses are not necessary!” Do you hear me, expenses are NOT NECESSARY, no matter what others say!

The costs may be necessary for you, but Elon is not sitting on a paid advertising panacea.

Facebook ads

And while it has become fashionable to pay for advertising on various social media sites, Elon doesn’t give a damn about the trend. Screw trends—Elon thinks with his own head! And you already started to think, after all, you are already here! I’m shaking your hand because you’re on the right track to learn how to advertise WISELY. On the other hand, we are not only talking about the wisest advertising solutions in the world—we are talking about your personal freedom!

that every time 
you pay corporations 
for paid advertising, 
you are supporting 
their values and cancel culture!

Why support those scumbags? Why support tycoons who already have money? Let the corporations smoke their pipes!

Oh Yes, Stop Supporting Corporations! Support Yourself And Real Values, Not Those Promoted By Two-Legged Predators! 

Do you know why Elon bought X, one of the biggest social networks? For the freedom to say what he wants! Today, he can post a message on his social networking site and NO ONE can remove it! Not the President of the United States, not Putin, not the CIA. 

We can say that Elon is Neo. Fighting for freedom of speech, more than the Statue of Liberty. And he can advertise his services for FREE WHENEVER HE WANTS.

But he is not alone.

Many companies use organic marketing.

Christ also used organic marketing, because he started by building community. Of course it was harder in the past, because poor Christ had to search for people in the deserts, but TODAY you CAN build a community without leaving your home! All you need is a phone and internet! That’s it! In the age of technology, you can create a community on Facebook (Facebook groups have 100% reach) that will spread the word about you and your business for free, if you only want it, if you only use the principles of organic marketing, which I’m about to tell you about!

Oh yes, today I’m going to give you ONLY the BEST, MOST INTELLIGENT marketing secrets that are perfect for promoting e-shops, portals, your products and yourself as a human being!

I will give you everything without waiting for anything, because I’m not a scrooge! 

Are you ready?

You will find out:

  1. what organic marketing (free advertising) is;
  2. what are the different types of organic marketing (there are two types);
  3. how organic marketing works (I will give success stories);
  4. how you can use organic marketing for your personal or company promotion, products, services, gathering followers.

I, Alex Monaco, the founder of Big Fountain Agency, checked everything personally—with the fingers of my heart and soul.

Oh yes, thanks to organic marketing, I’ve got customers from America and France and Monaco. I will tell you how I did it. Many people have benefited from my advice, so I have received thousands of thank you notes. Among those who thanked me were holy people, priests who use organic marketing to fight the devil. Because organic marketing is about light, about authenticity. And paid advertising represents satanic values. 

But let’s start from the beginning:

I will tell you a story about my mentor who inspires me in organic marketing:

Our misssion
Organic Marketing

Our mission

Alex MonacoAlex MonacoMay 10, 2024

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