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CFBR has many meanings.

In social marketing, CFBR means Commenting For Better Reach.

Commenting For Better Reach offers many advantages.


If you use CFBR, you will:

  • Get more traffic without spending on advertisements.
  • Increase your follower count on LinkedIN, Instagram, or Youtube.
  • Become more well-known (or your brand will become more well-known).
  • Build Professional Relationships.
„In today’s digital world, it is difficult to establish connections with people in chats. Therefore, it is necessary to use various strategies that bring people closer. It is important to be attentive and empathetic. The more valuable you are in the comment sections, the more attention you will receive.”

Organic marketing expert – Alex Monaco

Does commenting really help to grow?

Video about commenting on LinkedIn

How to Comment for Better Reach

Before commenting on a post, you should conduct your own investigation and find comments that generate the most engagement. Ask yourself why these comments received so many reactions. What should you do to achieve similar results?

I know it takes time to learn, so we will give you some ideas:

11 strategies to be relevant in comments

1. Be Relevant and On-Topic.
Don’t comment just for the sake of commenting. Instead, focus on topics you can speak about knowledgably.

2. Be Engaging and Interactive

Write something that’s genuinely brilliant or enlightening to maximize engagement potential and boost your comment’s rank in the post’s comment thread.

3. Be Positive and Constructive

Positivity is the key!

4. Use Visuals and Emojis

Use emojis. It works sometimes.😉

5. Tag Relevant Users, use their names

One thing is to write a response to someone, but it’s another level when you write specifically to that person whom you want to interest and benefit.

6. Keep It Concise and Clear

Try to save readers’ time. Write clearly, concisely, and inspirationally.

7. Show that you know what you’re talking about

Qualify your own experience to add credibility and relevance to your comment.

8. Show Genuine Interest
People love watching Joe Rogan because he is genuinely curious with his guests. Bring that curiosity into the online space – into the comments section.

9. Be creative.
For example, you can respond to a comment in video format. If you can’t post the video directly in the comment, share a link to the recorded video that leads to YouTube. The link can direct to your page. You can describe in the comment, “I’ve created a response in video format for you, but couldn’t post it here, so I invite you to watch it.”

10. Bring more value and help others online.
Strive to provide as much value as possible so that those who read receive genuine advice that they won’t find elsewhere. You can gain more than 10 new followers each day by writing engaging responses in post sections on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or even YouTube.

11. Expand on other people’s thoughts.
You can expand on other people’s ideas to make it clearer for others what they want to say. Just don’t try to appear smarter than others.

Examples of CBFR

Once I told people on the internet that I would write a book, they started to ask me when I would do it. So, I launched pre-orders. The message about the book, which didn’t even exist yet, caused a stir, and over 600 people pre-ordered the book.

The message about a book that doesn’t exist yet increased my follower count, even though I didn’t pay for any ads.

Another example:

Another example:

If I put up a post which says, “i want to hire software engineers for my company”
People might comment “Reach++” so that once they comment it reaches to many people than ordinary.

(Thanks for example)

Does comments real


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