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Research has proven that marketing text messages help drastically improve sales. Therefore, we encourage you to invest time in learning how to do it properly. In this article, we will give you the best tips in the world for SMS marketing. Let’s start dear entrepreneurs! 

What is text message marketing?

Text marketing goes by many names, such as SMS marketing or text advertising. Here are a few BENEFITS of SMS marketing:

Benefits of sending marketing text messages

1. Increase Sales:
If you do not use SMS marketing, your sales will be smaller.

2. Enhance Customer Engagement:
Text messages help to nurture and establish closer relationships with customers. This doesn’t mean you have to send texts every day, but it’s beneficial if messages are personalized.

3. Drive Traffic:
When sending messages to individuals, you can advertise a link to a webpage, which increases traffic.

4. Promote New Products or Services
Of course, such a advertising method effectively promotes new products.

5. Build a Targeted Customer List:
When collecting customer phone numbers, it would be beneficial to provide a brief questionnaire. The better the questionnaire, the clearer your understanding of the client’s needs will be, allowing you to send more relevant messages.

What should you know before using text message marketing?

a) You should provide people with the option to unsubscribe by including a link at the end of every marketing text. Additionally, provide clear instructions on how to utilize it.

b) You should not only send promotional texts. Here are different types of messages you can send:
1. Promotions and discounts
2. New product launches
3. Customer surveys or feedback requests
4. Exclusive offers for loyal customers
5. Event invitations

c) Ensure you have permission from recipients before sending messages.

d) Personalize messages to increase engagement and relevance.

e) Consider the timing of your messages to maximize effectiveness.

f) Keep messages concise, informative, and valuable to recipients.

g) Track and analyze campaign metrics to measure success and make improvements.

What if text marketing does’t work.

Some companies have tried SMS marketing, but it did not bring results. We will tell you why:

One of the main reasons is that companies that use marketing texts fail to use call-to-action functions. However, a call to action (CTA) is essential.


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