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The Pincer Movement is a military strategy where soldiers simultaneously attack both flanks (sides) of an enemy. This tactic worked well in 490 BC when the Greeks tricked the Persians into thinking it was a normal pitched battle during the Battle of Marathon.

We should also remember Hannibal Barca who used the classic pincer movement to draw in the Romans, resulting in the worst military defeat in Roman history.

The pincer movement can be useful in various situations, including marketing.

For instance, you can fight the competition with different marketing strategies simultaneously. You can use both paid and unpaid advertising while your rivals use only one type. The more diverse your tactics, the greater your chances of success, because you diversify your sources of clients.

Never forget: Diversification of client sources is crucial to prevent your company from going bankrupt.

In the near future, I will tell you more about the diversification of client sources. For now, you can read about organic marketing or why rich people like fountains.

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