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There are 460,133 advertising agencies in the world. Almost all of these agencies will try to put you on paid advertising. They will do everything they can to make you a permanent donor, so they will repeat these words to you: “Everyone is advertising on Meta and ad platforms, and so must you. Otherwise, it’s impossible to increase your sales!”

But such agencies will NOT TELL you about the world’s wisest advertising techniques, such as those used by Rolls-Royce or Elon Musk (who made Tesla and SpaceX famous without paying for any advertising!).

Why do more than 99% of marketers suggest using only paid advertising platforms? Because they are part of a cliché culture—a culture that has come to believe that there’s no other way. But there’s another way, and it’s the way that hundreds of successful companies have followed. Our mission is to tell the world about this way. 

Our mission is to change the advertising culture, educate the public, and spread the word about organic marketing, which has many ramifications, such as “mission-driven marketing” and “marketing automation.”

We believe this mission is important because:

A) Those who pay for advertising to corporations like Meta, support superficial values and cancel culture

True is that the more corporations earn from us, the more powerful they become. The more powerful they are, the more they use us for their goals. Is there a solution for it? Yes, there are many solutions. Don’t buy advertising and only use organic marketing techniques. Contact us if you need assistance. We know what to do.

B) If we don’t spread the message of ORGANIC MARKETING, then young people (startupers) will think that it’s impossible to grow a successful business without paid advertising, so they won’t create, and that will hold back progress.

How we carry out our mission

1) We promote non-paid advertising techniques. 

There’s a lot of information on the Internet about paid advertising, but not much about free advertising, so not many people know about non-paid (organic marketing) advertising methods. There are articles that describe 10-15 methods, but there are more and we tell you about them. We educate society and create a startup culture.

2) We help businesses build a steady stream of clients that keeps working even if they stop paying marketers.

We provide businesses with the knowledge they need to create autonomous client flows.

To become independent from Meta and other advertising platforms, we will teach you how to set up stable advertising channels that will run on your website or on another platform that you own.

Why be tied to Meta and other advertising platforms when you can generate your own organic traffic? Break free from the Meta trap!

3) We help you get closer to your clients in a way that no one else can.

We offer you organic marketing because it helps you win customers without any of the manipulations used by standard marketers. Most of the time, marketers use people’s emotions, but this is not right because both the client and the company’s name suffer in this case. Therefore, we suggest that you choose smarter self-promotion, which can lead to higher sales than what the tricky marketers do.

4) We automate and optimize your advertising processes.

If you use organic marketing, then you will optimize and automate your business. Here’s an example. Imagine that you use one of the tools of organic marketing, SEO (search engine optimization (if you don’t know what this is, please contact us)). Thanks to SEO, you are ranked first in Google searches (without having to pay for any advertising platforms), so clients start coming to your website every day and buying your services. If this happens, you won’t have to sacrifice a lot of time for cold calls and emails. This will optimize and automate your sales because the leads will be generated by Google’s system and not by your salespeople, whom you used to pay on salary. In this case, everything will be automatic.

5) We reduce risk and preserve your reputation.

Imagine that you pay daily for ads on Meta and other platforms. You are lucky. Sales are up. But suddenly a recession knocks on your door. So you can’t afford to pay for ads, and advertising stops working on portals, on TV, and on social networks, and you stop getting clients, so you go bankrupt… Why take such a risk? Better to grow a steady stream of customers that works on its own, without the supervision of marketers. We can create such a client “fountain” for you too.

Also, for reputational reasons, if you pay advertising platforms for ads, then your ads will be labeled “sponsored.” Such labels can reduce your value, as “sponsored” means you have paid for self-promotion. Meanwhile, there are companies that advertise using natural methods, so their image is stronger.

6) We increase your conversion.

You know what it means and why it’s beneficial to you. In fact, studies have shown that organic marketing can increase conversions by more than 1%!

Join the movement for organic marketing

If you want to join the movement, write us a letter, and we will share a secret group of people who already use organic marketing.

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